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Universal Bearing Extractors Nos 21 and 22
The perfect tool for pulling out ball bearings. Ball bearing races, sleeves and bushes.

Securely grips and extracts quickly and easily even those bearings which are closely seated up to the back of the housing. Top performance and durability guaranteed.

Push internal extractor no 21 into the bore of the bearing. Tighten nut B to spread jaws C and force lips D behind the rounded race edge. Place counter stay no 22 on bearing housing and tighten screw E down on extractor screw A. Now hold handle G firmly and tighten nut F to extract bearing smoothly and evenly. Keep tightening extractor nut B during pulling process.

Slide Hammer Units No. 22 - 0 and 22 - 01
For Internal Extractors and Needle Bearing Extractors.

These units are needed on jobs where space restrictions forbid the use of a standard counterstay. Attach to extractor and bump hammer vigorously against top ridge to extract bearing.


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